Underground MOVIE: Proximity: Alexandru PECICAN

The adventure of underground Romanian movie has a longer history that it seems. Alexandru Pecican and myself, some other names – like Ioan Pleș, Emanuel Țeț, Romulus Budiu, George Sabău, Călin Man, Florin Hornoiu, I.T. Morar alias Biju, Mircea Mihăieș, Valentin Constantin, Ioan Galea, Sergiu Onaga -, we are part of it. Whenever I hear people saying that before 1989 nothing was possible for the anonymous promotors of art I say it is not true. Anytime I hear about a so called absence of the civil society in Ceaușescu s communist Romania, I say that such a sentence cannot be confirmed.

Working in a small studio hosted by the Școala Populară de Artă (Popular School of Art) from Arad, the city neighbouring the Hungarian border of Romania – the name of it was changed from Atelier 16 to Kinemaikon -, the creative group leaded by G. Sabău made a number of experimental movies, working with Russian cameras on 16 millimeters and having as target to make artistical research on the nature of movie language.

The artists were teenagers and youngsters, mainly, from 17 to 25 years, exception being G. Sabău himself, the teatcher and the theorist of those experiments. Everybody was provided with tools and materials, immediately after proving he/ she had an idea or a project oriented towards freeding the movie art from its dependence from writing, painting, poetry, opera, fotography, whatever other influence…

Alexandru Pecican became a member of the group around 1978 – 1979. His short productions became part of the „official” selection of the group, almost instantly. Now he is a free lancer stage director and a well-known painter, producing mainly book covers and book illustrations, but also Byzantine icons and new media short movies.

I have the privilege to receive his approval to post here some of the links tracking towards his movies, posted on youtube.




Exercițiu subliminal (1979):







Fereastră deschisă spre leu rănit în savana de foc a uitării (1984):



Copyright movies: Alexandru Pecican

Cover & book illustration portrait: Andrada Damianovskaia 



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