Dr. JAMES CANTON and the Extreme Future

Dr. James Canton’s views are a good start for discussing the world’s next steps in a globalised environment. This is one of the main targets of the course I teach this semester in the frame of the Faculty of European Studies at the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca.

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Dr Canton’s Top 10 Trends of the Extreme Future

Build more green mega cities, says Future Guru.

 1.    Fueling the Future – The energy crisis, the post-oil future, and the future of energy alternatives like hydrogen. The critical role that energy will play in every aspect of our lives in the 21st century.

2.    The Innovation Economy – The transformation of the global economy based on the convergence of free trade, technology and democracy, driving new jobs, new markets, globalization, competition, peace and security. The Four Power Tools of the Innovation Economy are Nano-Bio-IT-Neuro.

3.    The Next Workforce – How the workforce of the U.S. is becoming more multicultural, more female and more Hispanic. Why the future workforce must embrace innovation to become globally competitive.

4.    Longevity Medicine – The key forces that will radically alter medicine such as nanotech, neurotech, and genomics, leading to longer and healthier lives.

5.    Weird Science – How science will transform every aspect of our lives, culture and economy—from teleportation to nanobiology to multiple universes.

6.    Securing the Future – The top threats to our freedom and our lives, from hackers to terrorists to mind control. Defining the risk landscape of the 21st century.

7.    The Future of Globalization – The new realities of global trade and competition; the rise of China and India; the clash of cultures and ideologies; and the cultural-economic battle for the future.

8.    The Future of Climate Change – How the environment is changing and how we need to prepare for increased global warming, pollution, and threats to biodiversity.

9.    The Future of the Individual – The risks and challenges from institutions, governments, and ideologies in the struggle for human rights and the freedom of the individual in the 21st century.

10.    The Future of America and China – How destiny of two great nations, from capitalism, to innovation, to democracy to  security will champion the world. 

Contact: jcanton@futureguru.com

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  1. I think that the 2nd top trend of the extreme future is rather abstract and ambigous.It has been talked in the last decade about this „innovation economy”( mainly as a topic of the neo-conservative school) and many state actors and MNCs at least payed lip service to what this term involves.But I would say it is rather far-fetched to assume that an economic and relatively understood democratic development will implicitly lead to peace and security.

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